Iris Graduates: Clinical Sports Massage

When I decided to become a massage therapist, I had a specific goal in mind: I wanted to help people experience true and lasting improvement in their bodies. I was passionate about learning the “whys” behind the issues that clients present to me.

Studying sports massage has been incredibly fulfilling. I have had the opportunity to work with talented mentors who have shared their knowledge and experiences, which in turn enhances mine! Completing my Associate of Applied Science degree in Clinical Sports Massage has offered me the rich foundation of anatomy and physiology that is vital to understanding how the body moves and functions. This education has given me the ability to be more specific to the my client’s needs.

One of my big takeways from school: for optimal performance, there is a balance between strengthening muscles that are too weak and releasing (aka relaxing) muscles that are too restricted or tight. In ideal movement, the body has enough strength to hold the body in alignment, while it also has enough flexibility as not to pull the body out of alignment. 

If a stabilizing part of the body becomes too weak, it causes postural distortions, but if muscles become overworked and cannot reach their full range of motion, movement is also compromised which causes discomfort, pain or even injury.

Now that I have a degree in Clinical Sports Massage, some people think that I only work on athletes - this isn't true! Whether someone is a professional athlete who needs to function at their very best for optimal performance, a mom with a toddler, or we work in an office for many hours each day, we all want and deserve to feel amazing! When you come to me for massage, I will be giving you the same focused attention that I give to athletes.

No matter what we do in life, there is always more to learn about how to be healthy and strong so that we can enjoy what we do without pain. Every day, I am using my understanding of sports massage to give the kind of specific care that helps clients feel better for the long run, not just during the massage.

~Iris Rohrer, certified massage therapist