doTERRA for Pain Management

doTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS is committed to proving the highest quality essential oil's and investing in the communities they work in. Hilary was originally drawn to doTERRA because of their integrity. She started using the oils aromatically in the studio and topically during treatments. If you love the scents and how you feel after we've used them at your session they're available for purchase!

We love using doTERRA essential oils at JADA Studios. We use them mostly for emotions and pain, but they can also be used in cooking, for hormonal balance, household cleaners, antifungal applications, breathing and digestion just to name a few. Below are a few of our favorite oils for pain and injury.

Deep Blue a.k.a. “Blue Sauce”: This blend is chock full of amazing oils used to promote pain relief and increase circulation. We often recommend this blend for use at home and use it after our treatments to help increase “good feels” after a treatment aimed at decreasing pain.

  • Lemongrass: Is a gorgeous smelling muscle and tendon helper. At JADA Studios we use is for concerns that are both muscle and tendon/ligament such as sprains and strains and hernias.

  • Basil: Can of course be used for cooking, who doesn’t love basil?! Did you know if can also be used for muscle cramps and tightness? We love using Basil for our athletes with tight and spasmodic muscles.

  • Frankincense: Is like the Duct Tape of the oil world! If you don’t know what direction to go, go with Frank! We use it mostly for pain and head trauma such as brain injury, concussion and confusion. However, it can also be used for Alzheimer’s, arthritis, depression, infected wounds, moles, scarring and wrinkles.

  • Helichrysum: This is a very versatile oil, but we love using it for any disorder that involves the blood or bleeding such as hematoma, hemorrhaging, bleeding, bone bruise and nose bleed.

  • Marjoram: Is a very useful arterial vasodilator (increases blood flow) which makes it very helpful for fluid retention, muscle spasms, rheumatism, sprains, stiff joints and bruises.