An Empowered Woman

A personal post by Iris Roher

What does it mean to be an empowered woman? Is it found in feeling invincible, confident and never experiencing weakness? For me, the answer is no. Empowerment doesn’t always feel amazing or even important, and we’re likely not even aware of it at the time.

Empowerment is about showing up and the ways in which I respond to situations in life. I am empowered when I choose the path of healing instead of hurting, kindness and wholeheartedness instead of petty self-protection, communication through the difficult conversations and not just when it is easy. Being an empowered woman means that I value my own voice enough to speak up even when it would be easier to remain silent, and that no matter what happens, I continually work for a better, more nurturing and whole world.

Working at JADA Studios is so meaningful to me because every day I empower other people, and in so doing, I am empowered. Every time I help my clients feel better in their body, I feel stronger in mine. As people feel better through my work and radiate gratitude, I am energized. And the circle doesn’t stop there. Working with the team at JADA is a continual inspiration because we build each other up. We have great conversations, brainstorm about new ideas to better serve the community, and spend a lot of time just enjoying each other and having fun as we work together! We are stronger because of the trust and respect we share. Our empowerment is all about empowering one another. With this strong foundation of support, we are able to keep learning and growing and expanding the circle of empowerment to touch every person who walks through our doors!