Four Benefits of receiving a Massage after Acupuncture

The benefits of receiving an acupuncture or massage session alone are greatly amplified when combined, especially for for athletes and movement enthusiasts. Whether you are experiencing acute injury, chronic pain, stress, anxiety, depression or even a sluggish immune system, acupuncture and massage are a perfect combo to help restore health and optimal function.

  1. Reduced stress. Athletes are under a lot of stress to perform at their best. Acupuncture opens energy blockages, which preps the body to be more susceptible to receive the stress relieving benefits of massage. When massage is received after acupuncture, it can help people feel deeply rested and at ease while also feeling energized and ready to take on the world.

  2. Decrease in muscle pain. Sports enthusiasts and athletes push their bodies to the limit and beyond. This often causes muscle pain and soreness! Both massage and acupuncture help with muscle pain by accessing trigger points.  However, a massage therapist has to work through many layers of tissue to access deep muscles, trigger points, and knots, acupuncture can access these layers efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, after receiving acupuncture, the body is more open and accessible to manual work, which will result in overall reduced muscle pain by smoothing muscle tissue, releasing fascia, and increasing circulation.

  3. Boost immune function.  It is true that movement helps boost ones’ immune system, but training day in and day out can tend to deplete athletes. Acupuncture and massage are both rock stars at boosting immune function. Receiving a massage after an acupuncture session will increase blood and lymphatic circulation, which helps the body cleanse itself of the toxins that were released during acupuncture. 

  4. Lower anxiety & depression.  Like we mentioned in Dr. Hilary’s notes, athletes are like regular people, they feel emotion. Anxiety and depression are not typically emotions that would be seen as beneficial for most athletes. Massage can help soothe and release the deep emotions that may have surfaced during an acupuncture session.  Releasing tight muscles and soothing away tension helps to promote an even deeper level of inner happiness, calm and peace.

Massage and acupuncture work in conjunction to assist the body and mind so that we feel happier, get better sleep, have stronger immune and digestive systems, and experience more energy on a regular basis.

We want you to have the best.  Don’t you want that too?