The Lasting Change of Acupuncture

I have never felt more aware of how Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)/acupuncture can help optimize body function than when I was going through my own recovery and seeing the profound yet subtle changes that my body would make after each acupuncture session. This stirred in me a passion and a fire to bring the medicine I love to the lives of others, to help them connect with their body more deeply and have their body work for them in powerful ways.

When I came across JADA, I instantly felt a draw towards the mission; “committed to keeping you performing at your highest potential”. This is what TCM did for me, and it was the mission I had moving forward in my life. A mission to come alongside others and help them to perform at their highest potential, by sharing the medicine that helped me come more fully into my own life after I nearly lost it.


Every day I feel so fortunate to work with others, helping them and learning from them by using things like acupuncture, dietary and lifestyle adjustments, cupping, body work, electroacupuncture and more to see them step more fully into their own lives and transform from the inside out. It takes commitment and patience, but that’s something that the clients we work with at JADA have - a commitment to themselves and to the world around them to improve, strengthen and transform themselves from the inside out so they can more fully step into their greatness in life.

The clients we work with at JADA aren’t afraid of hard work, because they’re looking for a lasting and authentic change. I get to work alongside them to help them achieve their greatest potential, by being a “coach” of sorts beside them on their journey. It’s a privilege and deep honor of mine to be here and share the medicine that saved me with others.

~Sophia Bouwens, L.Ac