MS150 Ride: Strength & Endurance

Strength: The quality of state of being strong: capacity for exertion or endurance. 

Endurance (n): The fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.

The first time in my life I really had to feel my strength, was by force. I had no choice. I woke up on the inside of a journey where I had to re-learn everything: how to swallow, how to walk, how to talk, how to connect to others. I am strong, by design.

The same event in my life showed me the depth of my own endurance. I had to depend on a depth within myself that I only hoped was there. The power of my strength depended on my endurance. My endurance depended on my strength. In Chinese medical terms, it was the yin, to my yang.

The MS150 ride is a bike ride that routes 150 miles from Duluth, MN to White Bear Lake, MN in two days. Going into this, I don't know what to expect. I will certainly be testing both my strength and endurance to finish. I know that both are there.

As I join hundreds of other riders exploring their own strength and endurance, my ride will support research for Multiple Sclerosis, a devastating neurologic condition under which your immune system attacks your nervous system.

We are ALL fighting a battle in this life. Whether it be MS, TBI, pain, infertility, raising children, relationship and marriage, work-life balance, identity... the list is endless. We are all fighting. Looking to our strength and our endurance to meet our challenges will help us to uncover the natural essence of our true selves.

Riding the MS150 will force me to lean in on my strength and endurance hence, connect to my own true self. The main difference this time? I am doing it by choice.

~ Sophia Bouwens, L. Ac,

You can support Sophia's ride by visiting this page.