Psoas Muscle and Back Pain

If our body is out of balance, certain muscles become overworked and we start to compensate. When that happens, issues arise that affect our quality of life. At JADA studios, we pay close attention to what our clients are saying so that we can determine a clear course of action to restore function and quality of life.

Have you ever experienced low back pain or spasms? What about sciatica or pain that travels down your leg? Sometimes, when people have pain in their back, it is a slam dunk diagnosis because there was a clear cause and effect. Other times, it is difficult to know what is causing the pain. Often, it is a sneak attack of the hip flexors.

Hip flexors are a group of four muscles that work synergistically to flex the hip which, in turn, raises the knee.  Any time you lift your knee or take a step, climb stairs, jump or get in your car, you are using your hip flexors.  The star of this group?  The psoas.

self-care exercise to lengthen & stretch the psoas muscle

self-care exercise to lengthen & stretch the psoas muscle

The psoas is also associated with back and core stability.  Located deep within our abdomen, it attaches to both the vertebra in the lower back and the front of our hips. When the psoas is not functioning properly, it pulls on these attachment points and often becomes the culprit of low back pain, spasms, and pain in the groin or glutes most commonly.

Something to note about working with the psoas muscle: it will often elicit an emotional response. When the psoas is manually released it is usually coupled with an emotional release, which could elicit tears, laughter, feelings of anger, or anything else your body brings forth. Nourishing the body/emotion connection is critical in living our best selves, which is just another reason why our psoas deserves a little love.

If you are experiencing pain in your low back, come see us at JADA Studios!   Our team can decipher where the pain is stemming from in order to treat the root cause, which will help guide you to full recovery and a pain free life.

~ Iris Roher