Sports Acupuncture for the Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings’ season is underway, so are JADA’s Sports Acupuncture treatments!

The Vikings players have reported for camp and so has the medical staff, although it hardly seems like there was a break from the 2018/19 season. The light is changing, the days are getting shorter and we all feel that winter is on the horizon. 

With the loss of my summer, I gain an organization, a team, and a family! For the next “hopefully” seven months (ahem Super Bowl 54), I will spend countless hours with the players, working my hardest to keep them healthy and performing their best. I will pull out all the JADA tricks I know; including sports acupuncture, cupping, electro-acupuncture, scraping, massage and stretching. I will attack each of their treatments like they attack each play on the field on Sundays.  With the start of the season comes a loss in the flexibility of my schedule. I am always on call and when I’m asked to jump, I respond “how high?!”  

My focus on keeping the players healthy and helping them succeed on all levels rivals Everson Griffen’s thirst for a sack! I pour myself into each treatment and am honored to be a part of their health regimen.  Sports acupuncture can be a powerful component in the weekly regimen of a professional athlete - take it from Kyle Rudolph who talks about implementing his work with JADA Studios into his weekly routine in this Star Tribune Article or Terrance Newman in New York Times:

As he has gotten older, Newman has not dedicated additional time to recovery. But he has a standing appointment with the Vikings’ contracted acupuncturist, Hilary Patzer, on Tuesday mornings even though he hates needles — or rather, he hated them until Patzer treated his tight back.

Newman considers this hour, which also includes the ancient Chinese healing method known as cupping, a vital part of his weekly recovery. Depending on how much hitting he did in the previous game, pain often does not set in until Wednesday, when practice resumes. It usually dissipates by Thursday.

“Out of nowhere, I’ll feel like I’m 26 again,” Newman said.

Working as the sports acupuncturist for the Minnesota Vikings demands that I am always on.  I am not allowed to have off days, and I am happy to offer my days, weeks and months to our beloved team. 

My heart is filled with excitement, passion, commitment and dedication as I work my hardest to make sure the players are able to perform at their highest potential! It is an honor that I neither take lightly nor for granted. I am blessed and lucky in so many ways to be a sports acupuncturist for the Minnesota Vikings.


Dr. Hilary Patzer, L.Ac., Craniosacral, Neurokinetic & Level III Fascial Stretch Specialist

Dr. Hilary Patzer, L.Ac., Craniosacral, Neurokinetic & Level III Fascial Stretch Specialist

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