TCM Biohacks for the Summer Heat

For thousands of years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has taught us to live in harmony with our world, not dominate or ignore it.  The external environment has a profound effect on our internal environment - realizing, celebrating, and honoring this will intensely benefit our quality of life. Learning to live in sync with our environment is a powerful and simple blessing.

Consider how the barometric pressure affects our loved one’s arthritis, or how the dry Arizona heat can make us feel 20 years younger. Think back to how tired we feel at 5pm in the depth of winter but how alive we are at 9pm in July. Simply google the impact that the full moon has on psychiatric hospitals and read about how it agitates and energizes animals on a farm.

Our environment influences us deeply in a physiological, energetic, and mental way.  If we take the time to learn about these effects and shift our behavior accordingly, our overall health and wellbeing will benefit immensely.

As we continue to enjoy the hot, sun-filled, summer months, enjoy the extra boost in energy! 

Chinese Medicine Summer Biohacks:

- Eat salads and raw vegetables rather than turning on your oven. 

- Enjoy iced coffee and ice cream on your porch. 

- Indulge in watermelon, which is naturally cooling. 

- Stay away from hot and greasy foods like meat and red wine

- Reach for cooling food such as cucumbers and edamame. 

- GET OUTSIDE and enjoy the warmth and the extra boost in Vitamin D from the sun

Be hot, be sticky, be social, and be energized knowing that the on the flip side we will be cold, reserved and sleepy in a matter of months. Remember that there always is a yin for the yang.  Honor Mother Nature and her seasons.  Don’t override her.  

Traditional Chinese Medicine helps us balance from the inside out and the outside in.  At JADA, we use food therapy, acupuncture and herbal formulas to help people glow, blossom and feel balanced inside and out no matter what their current experience is!

Dr. Hilary Patzer, L.Ac., Craniosacral, Neurokinetic & Level III Fascial Stretch Specialist

Dr. Hilary Patzer, L.Ac., Craniosacral, Neurokinetic & Level III Fascial Stretch Specialist