Utilizing high quality treatments like dry needling, sports massage, cupping, fascial stretch therapy, neuro-enhancement acupuncture, etc, we give our athletes a leg up on competition. We are athletes ourselves.  We are trainers.  We are healers.  Most of all, we are body architects. We are committed to clearing all physical and mental obstructions that stand in the way of you performing at your highest potential. 


JADA specializes in helping athletes break through all barriers that stand in the way of their goals.

The Elite Athlete Program is designed to support athletes in all aspects of physical and mental training. Upon becoming a member, a specialized treatment plan will be created specifically for you to keep you performing at your absolute best - mentally, physically, & spiritually.

Hilary is really great at what she does. If something doesn’t feel right after a practice or a game, I know when I get on that table and Hilary works her magic, I’ll leave lighter, stronger, and ready to keep going. This has been a big year for me and I’m so thankful I have Jada Studios to help me recovery quicker and play harder.
I have raced in 6 marathons and over 60 triathlons, including 3 Ironman. So I really appreciate the importance of taking care of my body. As an athlete, Hilary at Jada Studios shares this appreciation and she is able to treat me based on my personal training regime. I am grateful for her ability to restore proper body balance and function. I appreciate Hilary’s desire to constantly learn and become better at her profession. I always look forward to my treatments!